Renovate Without Stress or Fees

Sell Your Home for Higher

Stage Your Home in the Best Light

Reduce Your Selling Time

Let Experts Negotiate for You

We'll Get the Job Done

Don’t settle for selling your home for less.

Your current home no longer helps you life your upsized life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable! You can capitalize on your home’s intrinsic value with the help of trusted professionals who can update your home.

Our Fix It Up & Sell process makes home renovations easy!

Step 1

We’ll coordinate meetings with licensed contractors and designer/staging experts to learn how to best elevate and showcase your home’s positive features.

Step 2

Based on our evaluation, we’ll recommend the biggest buyer-impact items to give you the biggest return on your money.

Step 3

We’ll personally oversee your home preparation process and ensure that the improvements to your home are made on time and within budget.

Step 4

We’ll list and sell your newly-updated home!

Step 5

You’ll pay for your home updates, but only after your home has sold!

Pre-Sale Inspections Paid by Glenn

Home inspections have proven to reduce Buyer’s Remorse and help close escrows. Plus, a pre-sale home inspection becomes part of your disclosure package, which reduces your liability.

Because pre-sale home inspections are so important for both buyers and sellers, the Glenn Allen Team offers them free.

Sprague’s move to Rossmoor

“[Glenn and his team] represented us while selling our large family home and downsizing into a smaller condominium. We refurbished our family home for the sale. Glenn provided the ideas for cost-effective changes and then provided a team to accomplish the work. 

Glenn watched the costs all along the process. Selling for “above asking” covered our costs and more! Plus the new family was provided with a move-in condition home (which was a key to the sale). We highly recommend the Glenn Allen Team!”

Steve & Sally Sprague