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Buying a home means making a lot of important decisions. That’s why you need a trusted advisor.


Your home buying and selling process should be easy and stress-free. A trusted advisor can help guide you through the process by mediating your concerns and taking the reins.

We provide peace of mind along your home buying journey.


Legal questions may arise at any time during your transaction. The Buyer/Seller Protection Plan, provided by Real Estate Risk Management, Inc, provides you with access to a team of legal professionals before, during, and after the close of escrow.

RERM’s Panel Attorneys can assist you with a wide variety of legal questions to help make the sale or purchase of your property stress-free.

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Telephone Consultation

Enjoy a 30-minute phone consultation with a Real Estate Attorney to discuss your pressing non-dispute transactional questions. 

Document Review

Ensure that your buying and selling documents offer the perfect level of protection. RERM’s Panel Attorneys will review up to 10 pages for you ahead of your purchase or sale.

Personal Risk Manager

Sell or purchase your property with complete peace of mind by handing off any issues to a Personal Risk Manager.


Sales and purchases aren’t always straightforward. Let a Mediator do the difficult negotiation work for you, while saving you thousands of dollars.

Reduced Hourly Fees

Save your hard-earned money with a rate reduction of up to 25% on attorney fees for any additional services you require.